Good morning! Happy Friday!

Let’s get to it!

Yesterday I was off work so of course I was super busy ;).

I did a bunch of window shopping at our local mall but at the same time I was looking for a gift for my mom. I thought I was finished with Christmas shopping but I realized I had her birthday gift and not her Christmas gift! Her birthday is January 1st so I typically just shop for two gifts but I guess I forgot to shop for the 2nd one this year :).

But guess what she is getting for her birthday?!



I think I was so excited to give her her Birthday gift that the Christmas gift kinda got lost in translation! 🙂

But I still have no idea what she is getting for Christmas!

I realized as I was looking for a gift that my younger sister and my mom are so hard to buy for! My dad, my even younger sister and B are so easy to shop for!!


Yesterday was one of my hard workout days. Let me explain.

Twice a week a try to get in a really tough workout. It might sound weird but I love to feel sore the next day after a workout. If I feel sore the next day I mentally feel that my body is changing and thus I feel strong and more confident. Does that make sense?

So I typically have a hard workout on Thursday and Monday. Yesterday for example I ran 8 miles at a progressive pace starting at 9:30 m/m and ending with a 7:10 m/m. I then finished up the workout with a P90X Shoulders and Arms workout.





I ended the night with watching The Sound of Music. I am a very big fan of Julie Andrews, growing up I use to watch this movie every chance I could. So you could imagine how excited I was to watch the 3 hour live performance…

th (1)




I ended up being totally disappointed. I enjoy Carrie Underwood for her country music, but last night her performance was not what I was expecting. I was kinda sad they didn’t have accents, it was so American when they are suppose to be in Austria. I had never seen the stage production either but I think I enjoy the movie better.

I was glad I watched but I just wish they had changed a few things.



Today I am running 5 miles and then working all day! Have a great Friday!!

You Turn

Who is the easiest/hardest to shop for?

Did you watch The Sound of Music?  

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