Stocking Stuffer Guide for Runners

Good Morning!

Wowzers! I can’t believe we only have 20 days until Christmas!

I don’t really make a list for Christmas but I do like to point out a few items I would love! 😉

At the store we have been packed with customers buying gifts for runners and I have been really been taking note!

I know you have seen a bunch of these, “gift ideas for…” but I thought I would add one for just stockings.

When we wake up on Christmas morning I always head straight for the stockings, for some reason I find these to be so magical.

Let’s go!

Gift Card to their local running store

We runners love to get new gear. If you are not sure what your runner would like, give the gift of a gift card and they are sure to LOVE the gift!

Mile decals

We runners love to boast about our mile accomplishments! Many times at the store when theses are bought the following is said, “I just ran the race to have this on my car!”  As you can see we are have no shame :). Even if they already have a decal we are sure to place them on something! 🙂


Smart Wool socks


Socks are pretty important for runners and this brand of stocks keep the feet super dry. They have thinner and thicker socks, if you are not sure which one your runner would like you could always buy both because the thinner could be used in the summer and the thicker could be used in the winter!

Winter gear

Hats, gloves, ear warmers, these are all great ideas because they are something that we are always needing for winter running. For women especially, I love to find hats or ear warmers that have a slit for our ponytails. I also like to buy the tech- gloves so if the runner takes their phone with them they don’t have to take off their glove to check if they have a call or change the song.





Safety gear

Nathan has an awesome line of safety gear I am always selling at the store. Some of my favorite items include…




You want to make sure your runner is safe so make sure you are letting them be seen!


If you know what your runner likes to eat while running some of these gels and drinks are great to stuff their stocking with instead of some candy. 🙂 Some of the flavors that I am enjoying this season are…






Your Turn 

What do you typically find in your stocking? 

Anything you would add to the list? 




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