ASICS Storm Shelter Jacket

Good Morning and happy Tuesday!

I just love the month of December. Everyday feels so magical and just saying/typing December puts a smile on my face :).


With the month of December also comes the cold, at least where I live it does! We have been very fortunate this year and have had a pretty mild winter, but it is still winter no less.

A few weeks ago I decided to invest in a new winter running jacket. I have plenty of clothes for running but a good running jacket was nothing that I truly had. I freeze when I go running and I wear more clothes than one should probably be wearing so I wanted something that I could wear with minimal clothing beneath the jacket.

Working at a running store I figured I could find something ;).

Well let me tell you friends, it did not take me long to find the PERFECT winter jacket!

Let me introduce to you the ASICS Storm Shelter Jacket. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 6.51.39 PM

This jacket does it all! Let me explain…

It is waterproof and wind resident, which are too major winter weather conditions you want to make sure are covered!

ASICS was really thinking when they designed this jacket because they made the seams sealed and fully lined in the inside to keep you completely dry.

The inside of the jacket, keeping you dry and warm!

The inside of the jacket, keeping you dry and warm!

The zipper is waterproof which is something that usually a jacket does not have. The hood can be removed so it makes it a little lighter and allows for more of a “spring” jacket.

This is that awesome water proof seam for the zipper.

This is that awesome waterproof seam for the zipper.

The removable hood that is also reflective!

The removable hood that is also reflective!


You also have these  zippered body vents on the side so when you start to over heat you can unzip the side and let the cool air cool you down! I have used this feature a lot and I love it more than un-zipping the front of the jacket.

Easier to see the zippers in this photo than the one that I took!

Easier to see the zippers in this photo than the one that I took!

The inside of the jacket has a place for your cell phone and a media port which is great so you don’t get tangled in your wires while your running.


The best part about the jacket?

The whole thing is reflective! Which is great for early or late night running. I get comments all the time saying when a car hits me I am literally lighting up the road!


Another great feature about the jacket are the thumb holes, I mean who does not love thumb holes?!


I have been using this jacket from running errands, running and everything in between. The sweat does not clinging to the jacket so I have had no smell at all, which was something I was pretty worried about.

The jacket retails for about $130 which I thought was a  great price for such a functional jacket. I bought the medium because I knew I would be wearing layers under the jacket, but I could get away with a small if I was using it for just everyday use.

I get complements on the jacket all the time and I also love selling this jacket because it is such a great jacket!

If you are looking for a great Christmas/holiday gift for an athlete in your life I highly recommend this jacket!

Your Turn

Do you have a jacket for running? 

What do you look for in a jacket? 

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