Thanksgiving, Black Friday and a lot of In Between!

Hello Hello!!

I have been MIA for the past few days, with being sick and the holiday I have been super busy!

So let’s go back to Wednesday

I woke up extra early (which was probably not smart because I was still sick) to get in a P90X arm workout. Then was scheduled to work from 9:30 till 5. Well that did not happen! I left around 12:30 because I was so sick and was kicking myself for working out. Lucky I was feeling better around 5 when we were to leave for my in-laws.

The rest of Wednesday was spent playing poker (no real money :)) and eating rice and chicken soup!

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!!! B and I had a packed full Thanksgiving and I woke up feeling horrible.


I helped a little in the kitchen, but didn’t want to help too much sense I was sick. Most of the morning was spent drinking tea and watching the parade. I love The Sound of Music, and was very excited to see a song performed and even more excited to watch the live production on December 8th.

After eating a light Thanksgiving meal at my in-laws we made a 2 hour trip to my families celebration! This was the first year of having a split holiday and it was pretty tough at first but I feel we did a great job of equal amounts of time with each family.

Once we arrived at my Aunt’s house, we chowed down on the food that I am use to and at this point I was super hungry! After a delicious meal of turkey, green beans and sweet potatoes (GF!), we sat around and talked forever! My perfect kind of holiday!

Yes, I know that I don't look like any of my cousins or my sisters. No, I am not adopted! I look just like my mom and my cousins and sisters look just like my Aunt.

Yes, I know that I don’t look like any of my cousins or my sisters. No, I am not adopted! I look just like my mom and my cousins and sisters look just like my Aunt.

On the way out of town my parents, sister, B and I all stopped at my other grandparents house to wish them a happy Thanksgiving. By the time we left it was about 10:00 and I was crashing!

But then the unthinkable happened! We are driving home and following my parents out of the city when I get a call from my mom asking if we wanted to stop at Target!? We are so not a family of Black Friday shoppers but somehow this happened…


DSC03668 DSC03667


And we left at 12:30 am!

As we are leaving my younger sisters asked if I wanted to meet them tomorrow for some shopping on the west side of Columbus! Well sure why not! I was delirious and crazy at this point!

Friday morning I woke up bright and early, ran a few mile and then drove the 1.5 hours to Polaris shopping mall to meet my family! We literally shopped until we dropped and I have to say…. I AM ALL DONE WITH CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!! I am so pumped about this and even started to wrap some of the gifts! I know I am crazy but I just love this time of year!

Saturday: I worked all day at the store including the last Saturday run for the My First 5k group. It was sad but exciting at the same time! We will be doing the Jingle Bell race on Saturday and they are all ready to run!

Sunday: I got in a 16 miler and then spent the rest of the day doing some returns getting some Christmas decorations for the house and studying for the GRE and watching the Amazing Race and The Good Wife.





Wow that was a long post!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

P.S if you were keep tracking of the driving I drove 1.5 hours to our hometown, 2 hours to Kentucky, 1 hour home to Kettering, 3 hours round trip to Polaris and back to Kettering= 7.5 hours in 2 days!!!

Your Turn

Have you put your decorations up yet? 

What is your favorite decoration you put up? 

The tree!!

Have you started or finished holiday shopping yet?


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, Black Friday and a lot of In Between!

    • I am taking the test after the holidays just too much to do this time of year! Your relocation is awesome so I think I could skip the holidays for one year 🙂

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