Sick days, Running and Christmas Decorations

Good morning and happy Thanksgiving week! 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Mine was spent coughing, sneezing and wrapped in a blanket.

I am pretty sick right now, which I have not been sick in FOREVER! I know why I don’t like being sick, it is really awful!

Anyway, let’s go through what I did this weekend, besides the tissue and gatorade. 🙂

Friday: This was the day I started to feel pretty bad. I did a 4 mile run and decided to ex the arm workout on the docket. I had to run some errands before work and I picked up some fun things as well! 🙂


Best 3 dollars I have spent. I was tired of our couch and bed spread not being cleaned. I spray this on the couch and it feels like a brand new couch!


We got some really cool soap pumps and tooth brush holders from my bridal shower but they were so hard to clean and it drove me nuts! I loved how easy these are to clean and the modern look!



B’s family Christmas party we all bring cards to give to one another instead of mailing them. I found these at Target and loved them right away!


For the top of our tree! Another Target find for just $10!

I finished Friday with work and some Blue Bloods!

Saturday: I had the My 1st 5k group and then worked at the store for the rest of the day. In the evening was when I really started to feel bad. I just laid on the couch all night and watched some football. Saturday was pretty boring but very busy at the same time!

Sunday: I had a 14 miler on the docket. Which I am still shocked I got in due to feeling like crap and then B and I decorated our apartment for Christmas! We were not able to put the ornaments on the tree yet because we didn’t have the hooks but we got the whole apartment ready! I have a few pictures to show but I will post better ones when I have more light!


Our first “pile of Christmas decorations!”



Pulling out all of the decoration and reorganizing the storage closet.


The box is open!


Officially putting up our FIRST Christmas tree!


One level down 2 more to go!



Sorting out the ornaments for when we put them on the tree, don’t look at how bad I look!



Trimming the fireplace! Getting some light and garland hopefully today and some candles for the fireplace.

Sunday night was rough sleep wise and I woke up feeling awful. Now I am typing this and drinking hot tea like it is my job.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Your Turn! 

Have you put your holiday decorations up? If not when will you put them up? 

When was the last night you were sick?

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