Quick P90X & The Hunger Games

Good morning! 

The past few days have been such a blur! My Internet connection, sense Wednesday afternoon, has been really spotty so I am really behind on blogging!

Yesterday was spent spending some Kohls cash and putting in an awesome workout of a 6 mile run with some P90X Back and Biceps. Then I picked up B and we headed to a showing of The Hunger Games! OMG I was like a young child watching the show! If you are a fan you will totally appreciate how accurate the movie is to the book. 


B and I talked about going to the Friday night showing, and so I went online to buy our tickets to guarantee seats. When I went to the movie website to buy the tickets for FRIDAY and I see they have showings starting at 8:15 pm on THURSDAY!? 

I was kind of shocked by this, but we decided to buy our tickets for 9:00 pm on Thursday. I am use to midnight showings but never this early! It was kind of crazy. I have been to many midnight showing for Harry Potter and Twilight but I have never seen it earlier. 

Many years ago for a Twilight midnight showing!

Many years ago for a Twilight midnight showing! 

So back to the workout!

I know a lot of people don’t like the P90X workouts for how long the workouts typically are. However, I really enjoy the length and if I run before I typically won’t do the whole warm-up but I will ALWAYS do the cool down and stretching. This cuts a good 10-12 minutes off the workout so it really does not bother me!

However I also realize that many people don’t have the time do a run plus a P90X workout!

So as I was working out I came up with this workout that has some of my favorite moves from the Back and Biceps workout but cuts down on time by at least 30 minutes! Best of both worlds!

 Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 8.59.27 AM

 If you are not sure how to properly do an exercise I have links below that will help you complete the exercise in the proper way!


Standing Bicep Curls

Static Arm Curls

Crouching Cohen Curls

Seated Bent Over Back Flies

Hammer Curls

Have a great day!

 Your Turn

Have you seen a movie for earlier than the midnight showing? 

Are you ready for the weekend?!

Do you like The Hunger Games?



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