Weekly Workouts 11/11- 11/17

I had a pretty strong week of workouts this week. I was happy with my running and I was happy with how many P90X workouts I got in! Using strength training with running has really helped with my running overall!

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Monday: P90X ~ X Stretch. Man was this needed or what?! I was really sore after the 11 on Sunday so a much need stretch was perfect for the start of the work week!

Tuesday: 4 mile run (easy pace) + P90X Arms and Shoulders. Run went really really well. I was pretty happy with how my run went actually! Arms was pretty tough for some reason, I pumped up my weight again on some of the exercises and really felt it!

Wednesday: P90X Plyometrics + Ab Ripper X. I was not really wanting to workout, but once the sweat was dripping in my eyeballs I was glad I started!

Thursday: 6 mile run. I felt really good on this run and kept a nice clip the whole way. My legs were a little tired but that is always expected sense the night before I am running 3-3.2 mile with the My 1st 5k Group.

Friday: 4 mile run. It was pretty easy and my legs felt great. :). + P90X Arms & Shoulders

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 12 mile run. My legs felt great and I was really looking forward to the run!

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