Four Squares of Awesome!

Good Morning!

I slept in for a bit this morning and it felt AWESOME! I must have been needing the sleep, which is fine by me.

The other day I saw this pin and it made me start thinking…


This time of year can be hard to stay on track with these four healthy habits.

When I saw this I thought if I think of this diagram everyday and try to check them off this might help me stay on track during the holiday season! Some other thoughts that popped into my head were 1. Trying to get at least 3 out of the 4 and 2. What does this diagram mean for me specifically?

Drinking Water: I am a huge proponent of drinking water. I have this jug, (yes a jug),  I bring to work and try to drink at least one full jug. I am using the bathroom a lot, but I truly feel so much better! My skin is also a so much smoother and less dry during the winter months.

0007065200750_500X500During the holidays, it can be harder to drink the water, I will be making sure when I have a sip of that bubbly that I pair it will some water and eating foods that are rich in water (veggies and fruit)!

Working Out: This one is easy for me. I know how much better I feel when I do workout, so putting it off is something  I would not do. However, for others I realize during the holiday months it is harder to workout.


Making it a goal to hit a certain number of workouts during the week will help with putting it off all together. Maybe instead of 5-6 days of week you cut it back to 4-5, giving you a bit of wiggle room for those holiday parties and shopping sprees. 🙂


I also find working out in the morning will help with not skipping the workout. You might be use to working out after work, but the holidays can put a damper on the evening workouts. If you know you can’t make your workout in the evening, try planning it for the morning, if possible!

Eating Healthy: This is a hard one! Give me a cookie or some of that pudding or maybe some of that yummy bubbly ! 🙂 Having intolerance helps with not indulgence when you go to parties but not everyone has intolerances!

th (1)

Around the season, when not going to parties, I try to each at least one salad a day. With my other meals and snacks, I think protein, protein, protein and veggies. If I am going to be out shopping I make sure to bring a baggie of nuts or a whole piece of fruit.


This is another category that is easier for me to stick with because I know how much better I feel after a healthy meal or the next day. However, I will indulge a little bit ;). I mean it is the holidays after all!

Sleeping Enough: I have to sleep 7-8 hours or I am not a happy person! However, my one exception is the holiday season and when I don’t sleep enough, I treat myself to one extra cup of coffee the next morning. ;).

Sleep is so good for the body, make sure your treating your body right for the holiday season and everyday by getting enough sleep!

Your Turn

What is the hardest out of the 4 for you stick with? What is the easiest? 

Are you excited for the holidays?! 


3 thoughts on “Four Squares of Awesome!

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