Cookies, Laundry, Hiking

Hello Hello!

#Fail on the title. I just could not think of anything on this Monday morning!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Did you have a relaxing weekend or a crazy busy weekend? Anyone race NYC?! 

My weekend was  chalk full of work, working out, cleaning and hiking!

Let’s take a look…

Friday: I worked the evening shift so I had all day to get work down around the house, but that did not happen :). Instead I worked out, then whipped up a batch of 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter cookies (recipe to come later this week!) Let’s just say the cookies were such a hit they were gone by 9 o’clock the next day 🙂


Saturday: I worked all day. Per usual. 😦 We only had 2 people on staff and a Saturday at a running store is basically completely crazy. Not to mention I had the 5k running group before work as well, so by the time 6 o’clock rolled around I was grumpy, mean, and just tired.

I stopped to get Chipotle like we always do on Saturday and when I walked in the door to our apartment I just started to cry. I was  worn out and exhausted. I ate my food and fell asleep from 7:30-9:30 woke up for an hour and went to bed at 10:30! Having that extra hour really helped though and I was up at 7 am the next day feeling much better!

Sunday: I ran some miles did a really great leg workout all while B was at school catching up on some things for the week. When he got home we ate some lunch (salads and stewed tomatoes are my go-to lunch/dinner right now!), and then started the project we had both been dreading all week.


We did 6 loads. I am almost embarrassed to type  we did that much!

Once we were  done, we decided to do some hiking at a new to us trail called Caesars Creek. The drive there was beautiful and the hike was one of the best ones we had taken in a long time. I really thought I was on top of things when I brought my camera, but it was a major fail when the battery blinked and told me the camera was dead….

From a previous hiking trip!

From a previous hiking trip!

Anyways we ended our weekend with some Amazing Race and The Good Wife. All in all it was a great weekend and I am already looking forward to next weekend!

Your Turn

What if your favorite type of cookie?

Anyone race this weekend?  

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