Happy Halloween!!

Good morning and Happy Halloween!

I am a HUGE halloween fan! I love dressing up and  being someone else for a night! I thought I would take you on my journey of halloween growing up…

Growing up my mom always went way out for holidays and halloween was no exception!

Mom as Captain America!

Mom as Captain America!

When we arrived home from school the house would smell of baked goods and pulled pork. The baked goods would resemble pumpkins or witches or even bats!

The front porch would be completely decked out in at least 20 pumpkins all hand carved by my very creative father! (And gutted by my sisters and me :))



We would then proceed to getting dress in our costumes and listening to the haunted music my parents would play through out the house.

Some of my favorite costumes growing up: butterfly, Minnie Mouse, burglar,once I was a Nun???

LONG time ago!

LONG time ago!


Then the trick-or-treating would start! We always went with our best family friends and we had a whole route! We knew where all the good (XL candy bars) and bad (fun size candy bars) houses were located. We always had so much fun!

Even up until last year I would do the whole process (however not the trick-or-treating :)) I truly LOVE Halloween and pretty sad this year I will not be able to partake in my families festivities!

B and I did carve pumpkins on Tuesday which was a blast so we have a little Halloween spirit!


Let’s not judge me, I was totally tired from work and not feel well!




Your Turn!

Do you have a Halloween tradition?

Did you carve pumpkins?

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