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Good Morning!

This morning I woke up to snow…if you know me at all, you will know I HATE cold weather. So this morning was a huge disappointment! When I was taking B to school this morning we were talking about the coldest weather we ever ran in, mine was 13° F degrees, B said about 25° degrees. Brr!


So I stated in yesterdays post that I had some announcement. Well here it goes, I have deferred my race entry to the Walt Disney World. 


There, I said it. I can breath now!

So this has been a decision that has been coming for some time now. I decided about 2 weeks ago that I would defer. I didn’t want to announce anything though because I was scarred that something in those 2 weeks might change in me.

The decision comes from many thingsI have been experiencing lately…

1. The pains in my knee are pretty intense I have an appointment with a sport medicine doctor next week. I know its not my shoes, I think it is just from pounding the pavement for such a long time! I realize other people run for years and years, but my body just needs a break for a bit.


Why legs!?

2. I have a nasty bruise on the inside of my ankle. People keep telling me it looks like a potential stress fracture, it feels like one! So basically my lower body is a mess and it just hurts!

3. This is one of the biggest reasons… I am burnt out. I have been “training” for something sense last May. I love races, but always training has really put me in a mood of not wanting to train for anything. Mentally, I am just not there. I pump myself up, give myself pep-talks, but it is just not happening. When I tell myself, “Time for a 7 mile run” My brain goes, “Why do we have to do this, it is no longer fun!” I have been running sense I was 17 (7 years), and I am just burnt out!!

4. I took the whole month of July off from running. I thought this would help mentally but it just hurt me more I think. It made me see that I don’t really need running to stay in shape, swimming, biking, walking and weight training can keep me in the shape I like to be in. When I ran my first 1/2 in 2010, about 2 weeks before  the race I had a pretty bad injury, I still ran the race however (read:stupid). After that race I decided that I would take time to heal, I healed for about 3 months and jumped back into running with a vengeance. This is hopefully what will happen to me this time as well.

Pain at its finest!

Pain at its finest!

B will still be running the race however and I am so excited for him!! He is going to do amazing and I can’t wait to cheer him on for his first full!!

Your Turn!

Have you ever deferred a race?

Have you had snow where you live yet?

8 thoughts on “Runing News

  1. Sounds like you’ve really thought this through and you are making the right decision. It’s important to remember why you run and if you’re not enjoying it anymore you should absolutely take some time off.

    It hasn’t snowed here, in Western NY, but I saw flurries in the forecast. I don’t feel ready for the winter!

    • Thank you for your words! Those really meant a lot to me! Running can be so mental and emotional. Its good to be in a blog community were people really care! Thank you!

      I am not ready for winter either!!

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