Week Workouts 10/14-10/20

I have some pretty big news that I will be sharing tomorrow morning/afternoon. So be on the lookout!

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Monday~ Ran 5 miles on the treadmill, my legs felt really great I felt really strong! Nice change of pace 🙂

Tuesday~ Walked 4 miles + P90X Shoulders and Back. I have started listening to a really great Nutrition and Wellness podcast on my ipod. They have some great topics!

Wednesday~  2.5 mile run+P90X~ Legs and Back. Just not feeling like working out, maybe I need to take off 2 days a week?

Thursday~ Ran 5.5 miles. Ran a mile, walked a mile, legs were just not liking me.

Friday~ 4 mile walk + Biceps and Back. I don’t remember this at all.  

Saturday~ Off

Sunday4 mile walk + Legs and Back Was going to be a run, but that did not happen.

Your Turn! 

How was your workout week?


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