Weekly Workouts: 10/6-10/13

I was really looking forward to my week of workouts, however an intense leg workout during the middle of the week kinda screwed up the weekend plans! I only hope that leg workout was worth it in the end!

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Monday2 mile walk with some abs & arm work. My legs were pretty sore after the 12 miles from the previous day; so I took it nice and slow on the treadmill added with some ab and arm workout, and it made for a great sweat!

Tuesday~ Ran 6 miles, I am not sure how it went. From the theme of running I am sure it was not good!

WednesdayP90X~ Legs and Back. This killed me for the rest of the week! My legs are still kinda tight even as I am posting this on Monday!

Thursday~ B and I went on a 4 mile hiking walk and I paired the walk with some P90X Biceps, Triceps and shoulders. 

Friday~ Another hike at a new trail, it was beautiful evening and we got in about 3 miles! Legs still sore! 

Saturday~ Off

Sunday~ 7.25 miles. UGG.

Your Turn! 

How was your workout week?


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