Weekend Review!

Good Monday Morning!

I am not sure if you guys live by a Panera, but the Panera in our area is having an awesome promotion right now. If you buy their breast cancer travel mug ($10) you are able to fill up with FREE coffee for the whole month of October.


Yes, FREE coffee.

November 1st is a very sad day in the Beil household when we have to buy a cup of coffee! 🙂

All jokes aside, this is a great promotion because 100% of the $10 is donated to Breast Cancer research. So Panera is donating all of the coffee! AWESOME!


So how was your weekend?

I updated some of the links at the top of the blog…

-Running Your First 5k

This is a program we are doing at work. It is basically like Couch to 5k, but with a group who meets twice a week and the other days they are provided with workouts as well.  We are just now in the 2nd week and the group is doing great! I thought I would post the workouts for anyone interested in following along with us!

Weekly Workouts

Posting my workouts is something I have always done on Dailymile. By posting it on the blog in a weekly format I feel it shows my week and I don’t seem so scatterbrain when I am talking about my high’s and low’s from the weeks workouts!


So on the agenda this week B has a fall break! Which I am pumped about we have some apple picking on the schedule with some farmers market tossed in the mix as well! We might even make a stop back in our hometown to say hello to his family 🙂


Crossing my fingers my runners go better this week!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Your Turn

If you have a blog what are your tabs at the top of your page? 

Did you have a fall break during school? 

I never had a fall break at OSU, but I guess with B going to a law school with semesters they have breaks! No complaints here! 



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