Weekly Workouts: 9/30-10/6

After a not so hot of workouts, I am pretty happy with the long run from Sunday. I am totally changing up the training for this marathon and will talk about how that is going in the next few weeks so keep an eye out!

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Monday~ 4 mile walk with P90X Arms This was the first day when it felt like fall and I was not going to not go outside! The arms were killer but totally worth it! 🙂 

Tuesday~ This was suppose to be a 5 mile run but my legs were still sore from the 12 (I ran a pretty hilly course), so I ran when I could and walked when I felt I needed too 🙂

Wednesday~ My legs were pretty shot still but I got in the 6 miles and just glad to be done!

Thursday~ YES!! I was pumped for some yoga I love the P90x yoga, you get a great sweat for about 50 minutes and then a wonderful, much needed cool down and stretch. Made. My. Day.

Friday~ 5 mile run. It was just okay. Nothing special to report.

Saturday~ Off

Sunday~ 8 miles on the treadmill due to the insane weather outside. It felt

Your Turn! 

How was your workout week?

Do you enjoy yoga? Hot yoga? 

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