Wedding Edition: Everything Else!

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I am so pumped it is Friday! Fall Fridays mean an easy run, a nice lunch on the porch, and a great day of work. I am really LOVING work right now, I am getting to do a bunch on hands on projects and it makes me feel like I am truly needed  at work! More on this in a later post!

So one of the crazy things that I realized the other day was B and I celebrated our 9 month wedding anniversary! Yes I know that sounds crazy but I feel we are still in the honeymoon faze and celebrating all of these months really has been special! With this being said I am going to be finishing up the posts about our wedding before we hit the 1 year mark 🙂

So this Wedding Edition is all about the little extra things that you kinda put to the side and then realize “ohhhh no I totally forgot about ______!”

If you are planning a wedding I totally suggest making a list of things that need to get done, this will hopefully guarantee nothing will be forgotten!

1. Make sure you get your wedding license! So many brides I have talked to have totally forgot that you need this to get married! This is what the witnesses (maid of honor/best man) sign to state that a wedding did take place! Check out this website to give you some more information on when you need to get the license, how long it takes to process and the documents you need to bring!



2. The seating chart sign. I have gone to weddings before where you just kinda pick your seat and then people are moving chairs around, all this seems way to chaotic.  I am more technology savvy than B so I took the liberty to try and make the sign instead of our invites place making one to save some $$. Once the templet was made on PowerPoint I saved it on a zip drive and took it to Staples for them to print it off into a 14X16 poster. We had found a frame that I loved and was able to use a stand at the reception hall to prop it up. In the end I loved how it turned out and I was glad to have placed everyone in their own seat!


3. This might sound obvious but make sure the servers know the different (if you have different) flavors of cake. We had some different types (almond, dark chocolate, red velvet) so we made sure to go over this with the servers the day before the reception!




4. Now a days most brides don’t do a sign in book.  They have been coming up with different ways to have their guest “sign in.” Make sure you don’t forget about this! Besides the pictures, this was one of the things that we were able to also take away from the wedding and use forever!  We did a “Write your KEYS to happily ever after” we took old fashion keys and attached a really cute blank card for the guests to write something special to B and I. We look at these sometimes and it brings back so many memories. We actually have them displayed in a jar in our apartment!



5. Make sure you write a list of to give to the photographer of all the pictures you want taken. Formal and informal. Include the names so all they have to shout out the name and those people come up to have their picture taken! I think ours really appreciated this and it made sure we didn’t forget anyone!


6. Don’t forget the wedding rings! I feel it is easier to forget about the brides (sense she already has one)!


7. Making sure to get something fun and bubbly to drink after your married! It was fun to watch the boys try to pop the cork and the girls hide in fear! 🙂



8. Having a certain perfume was pretty important to me. I felt that when I would smell it again, it would remind me of what a special and fun day we had! Let me tell you, it happens! Every time I smell this perfume I am taken right back to our wedding day!



9. Make sure you have the proper undergarments! You are in these a long time and sitting, standing, walking in them so you want to make sure they work and they are comfortable!

IMG_0492 IMG_0496


10. Last but not least, have fun. Take mental pictures of the day which the photographer was not able to take. Take in the sights and sounds and everything going on around you. This is such a special time in your life and you want to make sure that you are well prepared but at the same time you want to make sure you have fun and be in the moment!



Your Turn

If your married/engaged (planning) what are some of your, “don’t forget this last minute?”

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