I’m Back.. For real this time


How long has it been sense I have lasted posted?!

Way too long!

LIfe has just been really busy and I truly have been missing posting everyday, I think about posting and it just never happens!

So let’s catch up on my life…

I recently received a raise at work, which also included more responsibility so work has been taking over my life.  B has been crazy busy with school (one year left!). And on top of everything else we both started training for the marathon in January! 


Wanna know a little bit about the training?

It is not going well at all. 😦

Last week I had a HUGE breakdown while trying to complete an easy 10 miler. At about 2 miles I just stopped and started crying. Thank goodness B was right there by me and totally took control of the situation. So this is what went down.

Thank goodness i had these bright orange shoes to get me going again :)

Thank goodness i had these bright orange shoes to get me going again 🙂

“I hate running right now, (cry) it is no longer fun, (cry) I always feel like I am training for something, (cry) running is no longer easy (cry) the last time I was training it came so easy and I loved training I looked forward to my runs and now I just dread them! (cry, cry, cry)”

~Again thank goodness for my wonderful husband.

“Elizabeth, let’s stop comparing your last training for a marathon to this time. This time you are working a full time job where you are on your feet the whole time, last time you were a student and sat all day… this time around we are living in an area that is much hillier and that could also be causing you issues, cutting back a day would not kill you and it might even allow you recover better”

~From this point we decided that I would be running 3-4 times a week instead of 5-6. So far this is helping

And then B walked back the 2 miles to the car with me and forgo his long run as well… like I said best husband ever.

“Elizabeth, you are also GF now. The last time you were not. You are getting different energy and maybe not enough for what you want your body needs to do. I don’t care how much we have to spend on grocery’s I want you get products that will full you for your long runs not to just get you day to day.”

More of these products = less $$$

More of these products = less $$$

~Okay, so maybe B is right sometimes :). I have to stop comparing my training from the last time to this time. It does not help and it only hurts my body in the long run.

And guess what happened that same day about 8 hours after that breakdown? I went out and ran 10 miles 🙂 This skyrocketed my confidence and made me a happier person! 🙂

Yes this post was probably too deep after so much time away but I really wanted to write it all down and  share that running sometimes sucks but when you push through and see the light that is when it all counts!

I WILL be back TOMORROW! I have some new ideas for the blog that I am happy to share with everyone! Talk to you soon!




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