Charleston Adventures Day 2!


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was filled with working, cycling and a great run! More on running and workouts this week, today I am going to finish up our vacation!

After the longest day, the day before, B and I woke up bright and early excited to explore the city of Charleston a bit more.

We took a trolley into the city (our hotel was about 1 mile from historic district), but we wanted to take the cool looking trolley!

Just waiting around for the trolley!

Once we arrived, we headed straight for the market, the day before the Market had already been closed and I was excited to get my shopping on!



After exploring the market we took to the streets and headed back down to the pier and the battery area. We love walking by the water and watching all the ships come and go, and feeling the nice breeze was a plus on such a humid and hot day!



By the time we had made it back into the city our legs were pretty tired and we decided to go on one of the carriage rides. You can walk around and read the signs about the old buildings but we wanted to know a few more things and thought the carriage ride would give us the extra information about the city.

This was the best of the two!

Our horse, who did an amazing job! :)


Let me tell you, it certainly did not disappoint!

The tour started at noon and ended at 1:15! We paid $20 per person, and it was well worth that 40 bucks!

The guide talked about every little detail in Charleston, from the first settlers to what is currently happening with all of the historic buildings. We also went by the huge homes down by the shore and found out who owned what and how rich the families who first established in Charleston actually were!

















We were both sad when the tour ended, but it also meant that it was time for lunch! We were STARVED! We literally went to the first place we saw once we stepped off the carriage! It was called the Charleston Crab Shack, and it was pretty tasty! I ordered the fish tacos (which were one of the best I have ever had!) and B ordered the crab cake sandwich, which he said was pretty good, but not as good as the fish and chips. 🙂

We had basically hit everything we wanted to see by 3 o’clock, so we decided to head to the beach! This time we wanted to explore Isle of Palms. This was my favorite beach, it was more family friendly and much more low-key. The island was pretty cute as well, with a lot of shops and fun places to eat.

For the next few hours we played in the waves, I took countless videos of B playing the ocean, and we just laid and relaxed on the beach. It was some of the best few hours!

DSC03277 DSC03276




As the sun began to set we started to realize how hungry we were, and quickly went back to get changed and head over to Folly Beach for some good food! We ate at, Folly Beach Crab Shack, kinda funny since we ate at another crab shack in the afternoon! I got the low country boil which included, sausage, crab legs, peel and eat shrimp, potatoes and corn. It was so much food! And B got the fish and chips, which once again, were not as good as the day before! 🙂

DSC03290 DSC03289




We ended our night with a walk on the beach! It was the perfect way to end our quick little vacation! It was a much-needed vacation, and we had so much fun! Yes it was disappointing about the law school, but everything happens for a reason!


7 thoughts on “Charleston Adventures Day 2!

  1. You definitely had a great trip :). I love looking at your pictures and seeing the city through a tourist’s eyes, glad you enjoyed it and learned a lot. I agree that IOP is my favorite beach here too, it is laid back and has more of a family feel than Folly (not that Folly is bad for families, it’s not, but there are more places to party near Folly and drinking was allowed there until last year).

    Hopefully you can get back soon even though he’s not coming here for law school- ours is still going through that crazy mess with Infilaw so it’s a good decision not to anyway!

    • Thank you for reading about it through the tourist eye :)! We loved the city and started our planning our trip back as soon as we hit the car! IOP is great and it reminded me so much of Hilton Head (Sea Pines) area, Folly to me was more Panama beach, both are great, but IOP was for sure my favorite!

      We feel so great about staying at UD and finishing law school, thank you for all the help and letting us know about all the crazy mess with Infilaw!

  2. We vacationed in Charleston two weeksago and hit many of the spots you did. The market, the battery, Isle of Palms. I had visited the city many times before and was excited to share it with my husband and son.

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