Updates on the Move

Hi guys!

Wow it has been FOREVER!

The last post was me telling you guys that B and I would be moving down south. Well things have changed quite a bit sense then.

B and I left for Charleston on Wednesday bright and early (2:30 am to be exact!) we were so excited and the trip was not bad at all, we listened to  the first Harry Potter book on disc, did some crossword puzzles and took in the beautiful mountains. After 10 hours we had finally made it to Charleston! We were drained and tried but excited all at the same time.

We figured we would go straight to the school check it out and then go explore downtown Charleston.

When we got to the school it was nothing like the brochure, it was spread out throughout the town (which was not in a very safe part of town), and the officials in charge were not really sure where to point us, or where to direct us, or what to tell us about the school.

B and I were so looking forward to this trip and finding this school and just falling in love with the town and the school. We fell in love with the town, but not the school. Sense the trip B and I have been talking and talking and talking and talking about all the options, we finally came down to a decision, and that is to stay at Dayton Law School. We really wanted Charleston to work out, but it would not be the right decision for us as a family.

Like I said, we fell in love with the town and the beaches and I can’t wait to post about those adventures, but for right now I think I am going to end this post.

I will be back to regular posting this week!




8 thoughts on “Updates on the Move

  1. Was he transferring to Charleston Law? If so you’re probably doing the right thing by staying at your other school because Charleston Law is being sold right now and most of the original founders have left the board and want nothing to do with the school (keep in mind it was just founded maybe 8-9 years ago so it’s not like they were there for 20-30 years). I heard it was being sold to a for-profit, diploma mill type group of law schools? It’s been all over the news here and people don’t like it.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your visit though, if you really like it here maybe you can move here once he’s done with school :).

  2. That’s a bummer it didn’t work out how you envisioned it. That’s always disappointing. I think everything happens for a reason though and you’ll probably wind up just as happy where you are. You don’t have to stay there forever if you don’t want to! 🙂

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