The Catch Up Post of all Catch Ups!

Hi guys!

So last night when I was reading I came up with the idea of writing my blog post on word and when I have a connection I would just post the saved word document!


So where did I leave off? I think I was talking about our 4th of July, which seems like forever ago!

We went up to my parents’ house for the day and had a great time of eating some really great food, seeing the fireworks and just hanging out with our family!

Before our day started with the fun 4th of July activities B and I went on a 19 mile bike ride in the rain. It sounds awful but we had a lot of fun riding and explore this new city we are both living in!

So back to my parents’ house!








Friday was the day our internet was not working (and still not working!)

I had basically avoided running the whole week due to some issues I was experiencing, and I thought Friday would be a good day to try running again. That was a mistake! My legs felt the exact same, heavy and jello like, I ran about 3 miles and it took all I had in me.

The rest of the day was spent working with B at the store and then coming home to watch Princess and the Frog! Yes we are pretty extreme! 🙂


Saturday we woke up to pouring rain which was pretty crappy since we had the HUGE family picnic. (I also decided to do the P90X yoga to hopefully loosen up my legs and body. This was the best decision of my life!)

Luckily we were driving about 2 hours north and we ended up with perfect weather the whole day! It was great to see everybody on his side of the family and catch up. B has a huge family and they always get together twice a year, 4th of July and Christmas. I think that is pretty awesome considering how big his family is! Most of the day was playing a game called Fitskitball (totally spelled that wrong!), but it was playing basketball with a football and once you got the ball you had to either shoot or pass, but no dribbling! We had so much fun!

I also brought along my homemade salsa and got rave reviews!


Sunday was supposed to be my long run day. I told myself going into, just listen to your body and it will treat you well. B and I started out and I felt GREAT I was totally pumped! At about mile 1.75, my legs just went numb, jello like and frozen. We stopped and stretched and kept going, we made it to mile 2.8 and I had to stop again and this is when I broke down and just started crying and being a wuss. B is really great at calming me down and talking rationally to me, and we went through my running history from the start of this year, and what we have concluded is the following!

  1. I started training for my ½ much sooner than I should have after my marathon.
  2. I am not one who can just run, run, run, race, run, run. I need to have recovery time in order for my body to heal.
  3. My stride and my breath our both off, so once I start running again, I really need to zone in on this and work on getting my pattern back into a groove.
  4. I am going to take the WHOLE month of July off, and start running again August 1st.

I know this sounds super dramatic but it is what I am needing right now, I am going to focus on strength training and biking and easy my way back into running starting August 1st!

Just another marathon photo!

Just another marathon photo!


Monday B and I went for another bike ride of 25 miles and had another great time exploring the city, we also both worked all day again!


Today we have off!! This would be the first time in a long time that we both have off together, so we are going to try out a new (to us) trail and he is going to run and I am going to bike about 25-30 miles. Then the rest of the day will be spent chilllaxing by the pool!

I hope you guys have a great day!!

Your turn

If your married or dating: what does your spouse do that you appreciate!

I appreciate everything B does, but him calming me down when I get frazzled is the best!

What is a cross training exercise you do?

I know this is late, but how was your 4th?!





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