Random Post!

Good Morning and Happy Friday!!

This week has flown by! What do you think?

Yesterday, we had such a great time. Eating, watching an amazing firework show, and doing sparklers!



So you guys know kinda about the issues I have been having with running. Well this week I decided to not run until today and I feel I am ready to tackle the road! I have been doing a lot of biking and stretching, and I feel my legs are ready to run. However, by taking this break from running I realized how much I truly miss running.

I am going to try and do an easy 3 miler today and depending on how I feel I will be doing my long run on Sunday (7 miles) and resting on Saturday. We will see how it goes! I am crossing my fingers and toes at this point that by taking these breaks it will help!


Tomorrow for the first time sense working at the running store I am not working a Saturday! I am totally pumped! We are actually going to B’s side of the family’s huge 4th of July party. It is basically like a family reunion and they are so much fun! We play softball, they have a DJ and we have a huge cookout! So I am totally looking forward to tomorrow!


I told you this would be a random post and more of a catch-up! I have some fun stuff lined up for next week! So stay tuned!

Your Turn

What do you love most about the 4th of July? 



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