Buffet or Not Buffet?


I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!

Yesterday we went to my parents house all day and celebrated my younger sisters birthday and Father’s Day. It was a great day because I was able to see all of my mom’s side of the family and some on my dad’s side as well!

It was the one on the lefts birthday!

It was the one on the lefts birthday!

We got home pretty late last night and I crashed right when we walked through the front door!


Today I thought I would post about something I know we are all passionate about… FOOD!

I love food, I love trying new foods, but we all know what happens when we eat too much food!

Last week when we went out for B’s birthday, we decided to try a “new to us” buffet located inside the casino. I love buffets for many reason, however it is difficult when you have a GF/LF intolerance, but besides that you typically are able to try a bunch of different foods and cuisines.

Name of the buffet! Let me tell you, they had the quite spread!

Name of the buffet! Let me tell you, they had quite the spread!

BUT, when we were there I was so surprised with the amount of food people were piling onto their plates. It was almost gross at times.

B and I started talking about this a little more at dinner and the more we talked about it the more I wanted to write a post about the experience, and how you can eat healthy at a buffet!

1. Before you even pay for you meal, ask the host if you are able to walk around the buffet to check out the food. I have been to buffets where the food does not look appealing at all, and I am glad I walked around. This also helps you zone in on the food that you are wanting to try.





2. Check out the size of the plates, most buffets will enlarge the plates to allow for the customer to place more food on their plate. If you notice this, try to grab a salad plate or bowl instead. This will make it seem like you are getting more food!

Can you notice the size of B's plate? It was huge!!

Can you notice the size of B’s plate? It was huge!!

3. Start with a simple salad. I am talking a big pile of greens, some veggies and a light dressing. This will allow your body to feel full sooner, by having some water weight from the greens and veggies.


4. Make sure you order a water, not diet pop! Diet pop will leave you wanting something sweet afterwards, a water cleans the palate and allows for your body to feel fuller quicker!


5.  Walk around the buffet, looking for things that you would not normally order at a regular restaurant. For example, maybe the buffet offers steak, and when go out to eat you typically order pasta. The buffet also has pasta, instead of eating the pasta which you can get any time, go for the steak this time!

I ate about 3 of these, I typically don't eat steak, but these looked light and healthy and they were GF!!

I ate about 3 of these, I typically don’t eat steak, but these looked light and healthy and they were GF!!

6. Do sample plates at first. Try a half a scoop of green beans, and a 1/4 of a scoop of rice. Try not to pile the food on your plate, leave room in between each different food and just have a taste.

7. If you really enjoyed the sweet potato casserole, allow your self to get that again. I am not saying to deprive your self, you are at a buffet, but just be conscience about what your putting on your plate!

I love shrimp, and had 2 or 3 helpings of the shrimp!

I love shrimp, and had 2 or 3 helpings of the shrimp!

8. Most buffets are super smart, they put the dessert bar right in the middle of the room. That way every time you get some food, you pass the dessert seeing all of that deliciousness! I have a few tips for this part. If you are with other people, ask someone if they would want to share a dessert plate. Maybe each pick out 2 desserts (4 total) and share the plate. You could also do this with more than one person. If no one wants share, I say choose 4 desserts and just taste each one, choose the one you like the best finish that and try to only eat half of the others.  Buffets will also serve fruit a lot of the times, choose 2 dessert and allow the rest to be fruit, this helps with satisfying your sweet tooth and your waistline!

They had so many desserts to try!

They had so many desserts to try!

9. Ask for coffee or tea as the meal is winding down, this will allow you to concentrate on something rather than making 4 trips up to the dessert bar each time!

10. Be conscience of your hunger cues. If you start to feel the slights bit full, slow down, drink some water and just wait a few minutes. A buffet is not suppose to be a race!

These tips can also help with family gatherings, pot lucks, and many more occasions! Don’t deprive yourself, but don’ t leave feeling like you could pop either!!

Your Turn!

What is your favorite buffet? 

What are some tips that you have for eating at a buffet? 


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