Pinterest Friday!

Wow ! I am shocked that it is already Friday!

Don’t worry I am not complaining in the slightest!

Let’s get right to it!

If you don’t know, today on the blog is Pinterest Friday!

The heading will link you back to that specific board for my pinterest, and the link inside the paragraph will take you to the original source!

Have a great weekend!!

Changing up the Closet


This dress is not a dress that I would ever have to buy, unless I become a movie star, but I thought it was stunning! I am a huge Emma Watson fan, because of Harry Potter, and when I saw the way she wore the dress her hair, I fell head over heals for the whole ensemble!

Home is Where the Heart is


I always think to paint the walls, to add color. Or paint the ceiling that will really brighten up a room. But whoever thought of painting a floor was genius! I love chevron, so when I saw this recreated on the floor I found it to be brilliant! With the gray chevron, you are able to pair the room with bright pops of color as well, to really make the room one of a kind!



I am always looking for fun snacks to bring to parties, that doesn’t really take much time and I can transport without causing a mess. I think this candy hit it straight on the nose! By taking some melted dark chocolate, you are able to add healthy topping to make this candy fun and healthy!

Most Magical Place on Earth 

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When someone says to me, ” I just don’t understand how you like Walt Disney World so much?!”  I will reply with this quote! 

5k, 10, 13.1, 26.2


I love this quote for running! Running is not only a great cardio options for your heart, it also makes you love running as you are training for longer distances!

Workin’ it Out


I came across this workout on, and then I realized it was designed by one of my favorite blogs! I have done this workout a few times now and I absolute love it! It raises your heart rate, and really works your lower muscles and upper muscles equally!

Your Turn! 

Who is one of your favorite celebrities? 

Do you have a favorite dessert you take to parties? 

What is the longest distance you have ever ran? 

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