Yesterday was such a fun day! I feel that celebrating birthdays are super important! So I typically like to go all out and really make the day all about that person!

Well yesterday, it was all about B!

We started the morning off with opening his gifts! I am kinda crazy and busting at the seams to have him open his gifts!



The book on the corner is actually a photo album with all of our honeymoon photos. This was kinda part of his gifts, but not as much as the other gifts.



And then the birthday boy wanted to wait just a bit to make some breakfast before we continued with his gifts. I was getting antsy and almost opened them for him!



So I was not the best at taking pictures of everything he opened, but I got him opening up this hot coral polo. I also got him some grey shorts and two other shirts for summer!



This was something B was really wanting, compression sleeves! I bought the 2xu brand, this is what I have in socks and love them. He used them on his run yesterday and loved them as well!

And his final present was a huge bag of Skittles that he ate throughout the day!

After presents and our run, we went and laid out by the pool for the rest of the afternoon. While we were they we were deciding what to do in the evening.  We kept hearing ads on the radio for the Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati, and decided to go there for the evening! It is about 1 hour from where we live, so we got cleaned up and made our way down!






These were the views from where we parked our car! It was amazing being so high up and looking into the city!



Trying to take a self portrait, did not workout as planned!

Our first stop in the casino was, FOOD!

We were starving, they had a bunch of places to eat at, but B was really wanting the buffet so we went for it! They had all these stations, and they had GF and dairy free options as well, it was great!



A very happy birthday boy!




This is what I fueled myself with for the rests of the night. Those steak fajitas were amazing and the shrimp was so yummy!!

After we stuffed our self, we headed out to the casino.

Let’s just say, the casino won 😉

We had such a fun night! I can’t wait to celebrate his next!!

Your Turn

What is the best part about your birthday? Gifts? Food? Cake?

Do you like to gamble? 

5 thoughts on “Celebrate!!

  1. He’s a lucky guy! 🙂

    I first gambled last April by playing Black Jack in Vegas. I certainly do not make a habit of it because I am not very good, but I really enjoy the strategy of that game. Not so much the losing money part 🙂

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