Triple Tangent Thursday!


How was your day yesterday?! I hope you got in a great run!

Yesterday was spent running, walking, “My 1st 5k” group, and a lot of laying out by the pool 🙂

I have not been this tan in years and it is making me happy! I think something is wrong with me, I get so happy the tanner I get! I am out of control! Don’t worry I will never look like this 🙂

This is a super random, tangent post! So be prepared!

So yesterday I was messing around on the computer and I came across this website that shows the complete history of the Wave Rider. It was crazy how the shoe has changed over the years and made me think about all the other shoes out there that have evolved over time as well.

Check out this website to see the complete history of your shoe as well!

The first ever Wave Rider, kinda crazy looking!

The first ever Wave Rider, kinda crazy looking!


The most recent Wave Rider! Much better than number 1 :)

The most recent Wave Rider! Much better than number 1 🙂


B and I have been working crazy busy hours lately and with that comes some days (i.e. Saturday) when I don’t feel like cooking at all. Don’t get me wrong I love to cook, but when I have been working from 7:30 am- 6 pm, I am pretty tired and just want someone else to cook a meal for me! We have been eating Chipotle like crazy!


Last night was one of those crazy nights and thus Chipotle pulled through once again! Every time I go I get…

  • Black beans
  • Pork
  • Chunky salsa
  • Corn
  • Guacamole
  • Lettuce

This all goes into a bowl and I eat it with a fork, but mostly chips! I seriously could eat this meal EVERY DAY!


Can anyone explain why the cost of guacamole is more though? I pay for it, but I just wonder why they charge more when they never did before?! I realize avocados are more expensive, but really that much?


So one of my resolutions for the New Year was to read a book a week. I have kept up with the promise and have enjoyed a variety of different genres, authors and characters. I started reading a book called, “How to Bake a Perfect Life.” It is an amazing book, it is truly one of those books that I don’t want to put down.

I have been taking it to the gym, to the pool, to work, reading it before bed. The story in general is pretty in depth and it has many layers, but it is an amazing story and I am only halfway through the book! I can’t wait to finish it and do a recap!



Your turn! 

What do you put on your burrito or in your bowl at Chipotle? 

Are you reading any books right now?


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