National Running Day!!

Good Morning!

Happy National Running Day!! 

What are you doing to celebrate?!

Are you continuing your run streak?

Media: RW Summer Running Streak 2012

Are you running a race? 

Screen shot 2011-10-19 at 10.23.49 AM

Running with your significant other? 

One of my very first races!

Eating running cookies? 

B and I will be going out for a run together, not really sure what the plan is but we are pumped to celebrate! We even woke up this morning and told each other “Happy National Running Day!”

Yes we are crazy and obsessed!

In honor of today I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the new products that I have been trying.

Make sure to check out my Race Me and Running Gear pages for all about running as well!

For my birthday, B gave me an Ipod Shuffle. I had been wanting one for sometime and I am loving, loving it! I never use to run with music and now I need to have my music to run!


Sunscreen is so important year round, but now that summer is here and I am wearing less clothing when running. I am in love with this Banana Boat Sport sunscreen. It does not smell bad, and it is not sticky at all! Two things that are a must when buying sunscreen! It also is very cool feeling on the skin which is pretty awesome!


I did a review on my Brooks PureFlows a few weeks ago and I am still just as much in love with them as I was before! I really can’t go over 6 miles (the 4m heal to toe drop is to much for my knees over 6), but other than that I LOVE them!! I also love how light the shoe is, especially for summer!


Let’s not forget about the wonderful KT Tape that I have been using!! It has made my knees and ankles feel so much better, and even though my ankle pain is still a little iffy, I am loving how much it has helped! If you have any pain at all, I highly recommend trying this tape!

This is the knee, if you couldn't tell! :)

KT Tape

These 4 products have been great for my running and I am really loving each one!


Your Turn!

What are some products for running/exercise you are loving right now?

What are you doing to celebrate today?! 

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