After the half

Good Morning!

How has your week been going so far?

Mine has been busy, with work and catching up on sleep. After the race we had a super busy day filled with meeting some of our friends and hanging out with family. So I never really had a day to catch up. Sunday, I worked all day and had to run some errands after work so I was busy all day again. So Monday was catch up on sleep day! It was glorious!

So the past few days my workouts have been great.

Workout: Sunday

Nice and easy 3 mile walk with B

Workout: Monday 

7 mile bike ride

1 mile walk

This workout

Workout: Tuesday

3 mile walk

4 mile bike

8 minute ab workout

You can also follow me on Dailymile if you want to see more workouts 🙂


So what will I be doing after this 1/2 marathon?

Good question!

I knew after training for this 1/2 I wanted to take some time off from running. I was getting pretty burnt out and just tired of the whole “training for something.”

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 5.17.44 PM

So I decided to give myself 2 weeks off straight from running. I am 4 days in and craving a run so bad! I know this is best for my body though. I need the rest, I think part of my problem with the heavy legs in the race was the fact that I jumped from a marathon to 1/2 marathon training and never slowed down to give my body rest.

Just throwing in a random marathon picture!

Just throwing in a random marathon picture!

I read plenty of blogs in which women are running marathons every weekend! This my friends is not how my body/legs are built and I need rest! In the mean time I am doing this ab workout  and going to build up my strength in my arms and back. I am also cycling more, which is something that B and I both love to do!

B trying out a new mountain bike!

B trying out a new mountain bike!

I wanted to get that craving that I use to feel when I would go for a run. I think by just taking these past few days off that I am slowly but surly getting this feeling back. Running is my passion, and I can’t wait to go back out and start hitting the pavement!

I have already started thinking about what I want to do next with running. Marathon  1/2? I think I am going to stick with 5k and 10k distance for a bit, and just really try to improve my pr’s! I think that is a post for another day though!


Your Turn

What is the longest you have taken off from running/working out?

Are you training for anything?

3 thoughts on “After the half

  1. I’m totally in your exact shoes right now. I’m 10 days post-half marathon and no running yet (for a variety of reasons). My body is built much like yours- I need the rest and rejuvenation!

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