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Good Afternoon!

How has your day been going?

I have been so bad with posting this week, work took over my life this week! I promise I will be posting more next week!

So the other day I mentioned that I have been using something new for running. This is not a new product at all, but it is  a new to me product.

Working at a running store I see a lot of different things for running. One of the products that I ran across was KT Tape.  I was always pretty skeptical about using a product for “therapy” when it just looks like regular old ACE tape.

KT Tape

Well let me tell you how wrong I was! This tape is seriously amazing.

I have been having some pain in my knee and ankle, I always have this pain for some reason and at times it flares up pretty bad. So I decided to give the KT Tape a try. In order for the tape to work properly you MUST follow the YouTube Videos or read how to apply it from their website. 

Let me repeat, you MUST follow these instructions or you will not get the results!

So last week was my last long run until my race on Saturday and I decided to wrap my ankle and knee the night before. I followed the videos step by step. I would suggest that you watch the video first before applying just so you have a good idea of what you are going to be doing.

This is the knee, if you couldn't tell! :)

This is the knee, if you couldn’t tell! 🙂


And this is how to tape up the ankle!

And this is how to tape up the ankle!


I took me about 15 minutes in total. It was super easy and I could already feel the tape working once I walked around. The next morning was my long run, I had slept in the tape and woke up the next morning feeling great! I started to run and my ankle and knee felt AWESOME! I had no pain at all! I was in shock the whole time while running!


Tips for using KT Tape

~ Even though I have only used the tape twice now I have learned a lot!

~ Leave the tape on for at least 3 to 4 days! I took it off after my shower the same day as my long run, thinking the hot water would remove the adhesive better, not a good idea at all! The adhesive never removed its self and it left residue on my legs! Not fun at all!

~ When taking off the tape, it should not be painful!

~ The tape is waterproof, so take a shower! 🙂

~  If the the tape starts to peel away before the 3-4 days I suggest using a hairdryer to flatten back down.

~ Follow the videos! I can’t repeat this enough!

~ Some people have had issues with the tan color not sticking as well, so I would go with a color option.

~ You use about 3 pieces per wrap.

~ The new KT Tape is pre-cut making it super easy to use.


So I have my race on Saturday. Let me tell you, I am having major race jitters for some reason. For some reason I don’t feel prepared for the race, which I know is silly, but I just don’t feel like I am ready to run this distance. The last part of my training, my legs have been way off and really sore and just not feeling up to par. This scares me to death that something will happen on the course.

I seriously have never felt like this before a race and I am not sure what is bring it on! Ugg!!

Have a wonderful day and I am hoping to post again tonight!


Your Turn

Have you ever used KT Tape? 

What are your tips for using KT Tape? 

Ever had really bad race jitters? 

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