Catch Up!!


Wowzers! It has been crazy over here!

I have been working like a mad women, fitting in workouts and trying to keep the living space in tip top shape because B has finals all week!

Just writing that pumps up my adrenaline!

So what have I been up to the past couple of days?

Saturday: I had the, My First 5k group. It was a beautiful morning so I thought a lot of participates would show up. Not so much the case! I only had 2 women show up, but they are about the same pace so it made it for an easy Saturday morning! Much better than last Saturday! I then worked the rest of the day and came home to eat some good food and watch The Avengers! This is one of my favorite movies 🙂 Who is pumped for Iron Man 3 this Friday?!



Iron Man 3


Sunday: I woke up extra early and did a new fuel experiment before my long run. More about this later! It turned out really well and this is what I am going to stick with for my race on Saturday. I also worked all day, so by the time I got home I was beat.

Monday: I worked an early morning and ended up doing a workout in the afternoon/evening. My body was not feeling it and I just kinda felt blab!

Tuesday: Ran 4 miles in the morning. Walked 2 miles. I had a SEVERE allergy attack and needed to get back inside quickly!  I work AGAIN tonight. I am ready for a break!

I have a post about a new product I have been using for running. I can’t wait to tell you guys!

Your Turn

Like the Avengers? Who is your favorite? 

How is your running/exercise going? 

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