Running Dilemma

Good morning!!

The rain moved out and now we have a cloudless sky with the bright sun shinning!

Love seeing the bright sun, not so much the temp!

Love seeing the bright sun, not so much the temp!

FYI: Ohio has the wackiest weather!

Last night we had the, My 1st 5k class, and let me tell you, we have very dedicated women! This of course makes me very happy! ūüôā

I was on my own again, like last Saturday, however this time around it was not as bad! Only 6 women showed up and they all run about the same pace, so it made for a very enjoyable evening! We started at 6:30 pm, and as I was sitting in my car at 6:00 pm, it was POURING. Then at 6:05 pm it just stopped. The sun came out and the wind stopped! WACKY!

I think it was a sign that we were suppose to run! ūüôā

So back to the run! We did 5 minute warm-up walk, 1:00 min. run/1:30 min. walk, 2:00 min. run/2:30 walk X 4, 5 minute cool down. 

*I am planning on posting the workouts that we have been doing if anyone wanted to follow along!*

Everyone did an awesome job and I am so proud of each and everyone of them. We all stayed together and all encouraged each other along the way!

After some much needed girl time, I headed home to some wonderful salsa chicken (I use her recipe)! This is seriously the easiest recipe of all time!



This mornings workout: 2 mile walk (30 minutes), 7 mile stationary bike (30 minutes), this workout, and the squat challenge.  

I have 9 more days until my first race sense the marathon! I am kinda nervous and really excited!! I can’t wait to start racing again! I was planning to PR in this race, but after being hired at a new job, and having some leg issues, I have decided to run for fun. I say this now, I guess we will see on race day!

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I have also been going back and forth about what I want out of running in this point in my life. I started to run because I wanted to lose some weight (2007).

One of my very first races!

One of my very first races!

Sense 2008 I have been racing and trying to PR as much as I can. I am sort of getting burnt out on the whole training aspect of running. I mean I have been training for a race now over 9 months. I started training early for my marathon because I was not sure how the long miles were going to work out, which they worked out great and I loved it! And after the marathon I have been training for this 1/2. I am not sure what I want at the moment and it is very frustrating!

At the same time B is finishing up school and is itching to get back out on the trails, thus meaning I am going to be running, and he wants to sign up for a billion races, which I would typically love, but I am not feeling it! Ugg. It feels like such a dilemma right now!

Your Turn

What distances in races have you done so far this year? 

I did my first marathon in January! 

How did you get into running? 

Ever feel like you don’t know what you want out of something?¬†

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