Weekend Catch Up!


How was your weekend?

Edit to add: I am posting this so much later than it was started! I have been so tired today!! And took a 3 hour nap!!

Mine has been pretty good! Friday was a stressful day watching the news all day and praying for Boston. I am glad he was caught and that the FBI and other officalals can now figure out what to do.

Friday was also the day that my family came to visit so we could celebrate my dad’s birthday! We went out the Olive Garden and then I showed them where I am working currently. We ended the night with desserts from Dorthy Lane Market and chit chatting!

On Saturday I had the, 1st 5k program andI had to lead the program by myself for the first time. I have to admit I was pretty nervous, I almost recruited B to come along with me but I decided I need to try and do this on my own! Well I am glad I did!! It was so successful, I tried to really encourage the participates and made sure that everyone was doing okay through out.

I ended up basically doing sprints all morning, running from the front of the group to the back of group! The group  ends up getting pretty spread out which is fine, but I think it really is best to have one person at the front and one person at the back. Makes the most sense!

On Sunday I did my long run of 13 miles and then worked the rest of the day. B was home earlier from school than expected and we ended up watching this movi called Last of the Lions, I totally suggest you watching it! It is a documentary but at the same time it told an incredible story about a lioness and her cubs and her hunt for survival!

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 4.22.52 PM

This morning I did a workout of 7 miles on the bike and some grocery shopping. This evening I am running a run for Boston. I am really exited we are running 2.62 miles, and a bunch of my friends will be there.

Have a great rest of your day! See you tomorrow!

Tomorrow I have a fun workout

Mini goal: Take more pictures this week!



Your Turn!

Did you run a run for Boston?

Have you ever see the Last of the Lions?

Tell me something you did this weekend!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Catch Up!

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