Wedding Edition: Cake Testers!


How has your day been so far? Mine has been wonderful! Lots of time outside, trying to soak in as much sun as I can! (Safely with sunscreen)! 🙂

I feel as if I have not posted a wedding edition post in forever and I thought this evening would be an excellent time to talk about a very important topic when it comes to a wedding. (Make sure to check out all of my other wedding posts!)

The cake.

Cake is the part most guests look forward to, so it was a no brainer to rank this high in price on our list.

Sidebar: We made a list of things that were important to us to spend the most money on, and a list that was still important but didn’t want spend $$$ for.

Okay so back to the cake. We went to one place, I know that sounds silly but we totally fell in love with the cake after the first bite! If you live in the central Ohio area, I HIGHLY suggest using Our CupCakery.

Sidebar: I actually didn’t try the cake (intolerance to gluten and dairy), B only tasted and I really, really trusted his opinion.

Back again! So after the great cake testing we started to talk about our ideas. I was really wanting clean and simple lines.

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 6.47.33 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 6.48.06 PM


Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 6.48.21 PM


After going through hundreds of pictures we decided we just wanted to do white icing, as smooth as can be, and black ribbon on the bottom of the cake with a nice peral beading. I had this vision in my head and I have to tell you, Our CaupCakery, exceed our expectations.

As we kept talking, I told her I was really interested in doing 3 large individual cakes (different flavors) and then a two tier cake for B and I to cut.

We wanted to do a special display for the cake and once again it is easier to show in pictures than try to explain it in words!


So you know we are CRAZY for Disney. This was our cake topper, a black and white Mickey and Minnie and they were sparkly but you can’t really tell in the picture. We both LOVED this!! I would have changed that they added black ribbon to the wooden skewer, but you can’t sweat the small stuff!

You can also see the black ribbon and the pearl beading as well, I loved how clean and simple it was.


So at the table we had each cake labeled, almond, dark chocolate, red velvet and vanilla. The almond I guess was to die for! 🙂 You can also see the cake topper for each of the cakes. We had the florist do just a simple corsage, similar to my bouquet, but have each one be different at the same time.



So this is a full picture of our cake table. As you can also see, we choose red and silver ribbon to line the bottom. I loved how it turned out and still made it clean and simple, per our request. We used left over table decor from the large tables to fill in the cake table and used large wooden blocks to place each cake upon. For the platter we used silver and glass platters that family and friends allowed us to borrow.

Personally I fell it turned out AWESOME I loved everything about it and it really was a focal point of the wedding. Traditional decoration, untraditional wedding cake.

I thought I would leave you with the pictures that were taken as B and I gave each other the cake! ( I made sure to just get a little bit of the icing!)


We cut the cake to, “This will be and Everlasting Love” ~ Natalie Cole


Made some pretty funny faces!


Haha look at B’s face!


He was trying to cut the ribbon, I forgot to tell him it was not icing!


Got through the cake!! Success!!



Slowly getting the slice of cake!!


Here we go…




Your Turn!

What did your cake/ dream cake look like?

What is your favorite type of cake?

Did you smash the cake or place it gently?

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