Running Shoes (Professing my love of Mizuno!)

Good morning!

Toady is going to be a great day, I can feel it in my bones!! The weather is going to 83 degrees and sunny!! What more could you ask for in life? ūüôā

Last night the running group went great! The runners are slowly working their way up to running the 5k and it has been so wonderful watching them improve. Last night the workout was: 5 minute walk warm-up,  5x (:30 sec jog/ 1:00 min. walk, 1:00 min jog/ 2: min walk).

Everyone in the group completed the workout and if they needed to walk a little bit during the jog, they would push themselves to start running again. It was so wonderful! This program has made my passion for running even stronger.

One thing however that I have learned from the group is that running is not something that comes easy, especailly as we get older. With this being said, the correct gear is that much more important.


Shoe gear!


I typically stay at the back of the pack while the other person leads. Last night I was having so many people coming up to me asking me why certain body parts were hurting.

“The inner part of my knee.”

“I have such bad shin splints.”

“I have a huge pain going up my back.”

To each one of this, I explained how important shoes are for a runner. Shoes make or break the person running. If you have really worn down shoes, you are going to feel really worn down when you run. If you have just a pair of gym shoes, you will feel not like running because you are not in the right shoe. If you have a stability shoe and you need a neutral shoe you will start to experience pain.

So what am I getting at?

If you run. If you just started running. If you want to increase your mileage. Go to a running store and get fit into a shoe properly. The running store should be able to tell you what type of shoe would be best for your gait (neutral, mild stability, stability, or motion control), and they should be able to recommend a decent amount of shoes in your range. 

Make sure to also inform the shoe clerk what your goals and exceptions for running will be, by giving them the most information about your running you will get the most benefit.

When I first started running I had no idea shoes were so important. I would choose them based off the style and color. And then the knee pain came along. So I decided to try out Road Runner Sports, to get properly fitted. I learned so much in my first experience at the store that I never wanted to go anywhere else!

I learned that I had a low arch, and a neutral gait. When I tried on the shoes, I immeditly fell in love with the Mizuno Wave Rider. Sense then I have had about 10 different pairs ( 14, 15, 16) all different colors. I never have to try them on, I need a 10 in¬†women’s¬†and I am set! I love my shoes, and I have not had knee pain sense getting fitted. Best¬†decision¬†of my running yet! So go and get fit into some shoes. You will not regret your decision!


So purple!

So purple! Wave Rider 15 



LOVE! Wave Rider 15


Current color ( have had about 3 in this color) Wave Rider 15

Current color ( have had about 3 in this color) Wave Rider 15


Wave Rider 14

Wave Rider 14

Well that was sure the rant!

Have a wonderful day!


Your Turn

What types of pain/ injuries have you had? 

Have you ever been fit for shoes? 

8 thoughts on “Running Shoes (Professing my love of Mizuno!)

  1. I’ve had shin splints and a current tibial stress fracture. I think both started from not wearing the proper shoes, now that I resolved that I think my form has contributed (read: caused) my stress fracture. There always room to improvement when it comes to running form!

  2. I am yet to go and have trainers fitted professionally but hopefully next month I shall be heading to get a gait analysis done and to check that I am wearing the right shoes for me. I’ve been quite lucky in that I have had no major injuries so far but I want to be on the safe side as I start increasing the miles for more long distance runs this Summer!

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