Run for Boston

Hi guys!

Yesterday still feels so surreal.

As I was waiting on B to get out of class my phone started to blow up with calls and text messages asking me if I was okay. I was very confused why I was getting these message. My mom was the first to contact me and told me some friends texted her asking if I was okay as well.

I stupidly wrote on Facebook…

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 2.27.08 PMMany of my friends thought I was running. I have learned a very valuable lesson.

Be very specific in what I mean.

I was not in Boston. I was just very excited to watch the marathon on Monday.

After I assured my friends and family that I was safe in Ohio, I went for a run. A silent run to really understand what had just happened.

The marathon is my favorite distance. Sense January I have been in awe of the athletes who run 26.2 miles. Going to a marathon is so inspiring. I can’t even describe the feeling.

After seeing the footage on television my heart ached. I don’t understand how something could happen like this. Again it feels so surreal.

After running the marathon in January, I had decided right then and there that I would some day qualify for boston. I had been looking up plans, races, and paces online and research as much about the marathon. Yesterday hit me hard. It made me scared.

However, I am not scared. I will not le appreciating t yesterday deter me from my goal. I will get to Boston one day.

Today I am wearing my first race shirt ever. And thinking about how great the running community truly is.

5.5 miles was for Boston this morning.


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