Vera Bradley Outlet Sale 2013!


Edit to add: My heart and prayers go out to all of those affected in Boston. Such a sad day.


My day has been busy and fun all in one!

Workout: 4 miles easy ~ going to run another 4 this evening and bike later as well. 


So on Friday I had mentioned that I had a fun weekend planned. Well let me tell you, it was a blast!

You might know that I am kinda crazy for Vera Bradley, I told you about my obsession in a Five Quick Facts.

Well this was the weekend for the HUGE outlet sale in Fort Wayne, Indiana! I went with one of my best friends who has never gone before and loves Vera Bradley, this is actually my 5th year going and it is so much fun. The prices are low, the deals are amazing and it is a bunch of women going crazy over Vera Bradley!

We arrived about 1 and hour early and waited in a long line of excited women in the rain and cold!


Once we were in the huge coliseum it was time to get down to business!

I think that because I have been going for many years, I know what I like and what I don’t like and I know the prices from previous years. This year the prices didn’t really drop much and the stock of items was not as good as in years past. Besides from this, we had a great time and Kristin got a lot of stuff! I cut down by at least 80% from previous years!




So lets go through what I got! Just keep in mind that the last 4 years I have came back with no less than 25 pieces!


This is a large pink and orange beach bag! I love it!! It is huge and will be great for hauling stuff around!


A inside view of the beach bag, with a huge pocket!


This is a holder for my straightener when I travel. I am always wrapping it in a shirt or towel, and now I have a cute holder!


I love their note cards!! I always make sure to buy a pack, I love to use them for thank you’s and just saying hello cards.


Okay so this is awesome! The one side is a note pad for writing your grocery list or shopping list and the other side is for coupons or plus cards. I love this and can’t wait to go shopping with it!!


I always buy a new lunch box at the outlet. I use my lunch box almost everyday and it wears pretty quickly. I love this purple and blue combination!


This is another one of those pieces that I always get at the sale. I really go through wallets like crazy. Waiting a year sometimes is to long!


How cute are these?! I wear slippers all the time! Vera Bradley slippers?! Perfection!



This is for my Kindle and I am totally pumped to use it! I love this pattern as well. I have never had anything in this pattern and was loving it the more and more I saw it!

DSC03049And finally, this is a photo album that I will be putting our Honeymoon photos in. It holds 200 pictures and I can’t wait to fill it up!

Well that was my weekend, we had such a blast!

Yes, we look very tired!

Yes, we look very tired!

Your Turn!

Do you have any Vera Bradley? 

Did you run today?



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