Running and Summer Salad

Good morning!

How was your day yesterday?

Mine was great, but very long. I worked from 12 to 6 and then I had My 1st 5k afterwards. It is incredible to see how just a few days of running can really change ones attitude! The group went from struggling on Saturday to Wednesday it still hurting but not as bad! I was very proud of each and everyone of them!

So I wanna talk about running again. I know that I talked a little bit about the pain I was experiencing the other day, but today I wanna talk motivation.

So motivation. I have it right now. I have the need to run, to workout, to push the limits. Like most people this can happen in spurts during training. Some weeks you are so pumped to go out for your run, other days you are making plea bargins with yourself!


Well this is my sticky situation. I have the motivation. I am wanting to run hard and fast. However, my body is just not having it.

My legs are out of whack right now, I realize I need to scale back on the hills and even if it is a beautiful day outside I should run on the treadmill to avoid the hills in my area. I am also having the issue of getting the miles in. I will hit the 4 mile marker and just want to stop. What is up with that? My body is like hitting a wall and it hurts.

As I am writing this  I am getting excited to go and run but I get so nervous that I will be in pain and that I will hit this wall. Running is so mental at times, and I feel we don’t always concentrate on that aspect of the game. I feel we concentrate on our physical pain, but the mental toughness needed to run and train is sometimes more painful.

I know this is sounding weird, I am complaining about pain in my legs, and then I am saying how mentality it is playing with my head.

I guess at this point I am just really confused in what I am looking for in my running. I think after this 1/2 in May I am going to take a break from running for the month of May. I say this, but I am sure this won’t be the case. Maybe I will just take more rest days from running?

Getting through the next month I hope my motivation stays strong and my legs loosen up!

So that was a lot longer than I had thought it would be!


My whole intentions for the post this morning were for this AMAZING salad B and I had 2 nights ago!

I used this recipe, but changed a few things up.

Delicious Chicken Spring Salad!! 

2 lbs. of skinless, boneless chicken

1 bag of romaine salad

1/2 avocado

1 mango

1/2 pineapple

1/2 cup cashews

Fat-free Italian dressing

1. Set the oven to 400 degrees, once the oven is pre-heated place the chicken in the oven for 15 minutes

2. Slice the avocado, mango (great video on how to slice a mango) and pineapple into small cubes

3. Make sure to wash the romaine salad and then throw in the fruit and cashews

4. Once the chicken is cooked, allow for it to cool and then add it to the salad.

5. Add the Italian dressing

6. Enjoy!!

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 9.58.36 AM

The salad screams spring and summer and is great the next day! I actually added tuna the next day and it turned out awesome!!


Your turn

Do you ever have motivation but your body just dosen’t want to move? 

What is a salad that screams spring or summer to you?



4 thoughts on “Running and Summer Salad

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    • This is a tricky question! I do eat 1 grain, rice. However, the only reason I eat this is because it is gluten free. I have a severe sensitivity to gluten, thus eliminating many grain option. A typical day for myself includes eggs, nuts and fruit for breakfast. Chicken breast or tuna with veggies and hummus a side of fruit and some more nuts for lunch. Dinner is typically fish or chicken or lean beef with a side of rice or potatoes and a veggie. I like to have a little snack before bed as well so typically some air popped pop corn (which is also a grain) and some more fruit! Hope this helps!

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