Running… Why the Pain?!

Good Morning!

Did anyone watch the game last night? B and I were planning on it, and then I woke up at 10:30 pm on the couch and headed straight to bed! Sometimes I feel like we are so old!

I was sad that Michigan lost ( I am a DIE hard Buckeye, took a lot for me to write that :), I was really rooting for the Big Ten! I am glad basketball is over, and now I can concentrate more on golf! I am a huge golf fan and the Master’s starts on Thursday!

So let’s talk about running this fine morning.

Just throwing in a random marathon picture!

Just throwing in a random marathon picture!

Let me set the scene, Mid-November 2012. I had just ran a 20 miler run for my marathon that would be happening in January. Usually after my long run the next day was a shake out/easy/slow day for my legs. I would run anywhere between 5- 7 miles. I loved these runs because I never focused on much other than breathing and form.

Fast forward to March/April 2013. I started doing longer runs again in preparation for my 1/2 in May.  My long runs at the start of training were about 7 miles. I did the same routine however with refuel/recovery after these runs as I did when I would do a long marathon run.

The only problem, the day after (shake out/easy/slow day), I can hardly run. My calfs are burning, my legs are so heavy that I can hardly move them. I have taken into account that I am living in a new area with more hills, but still, this pain seems a little extreme for just doing a 7 mile run!

You might have seen my tweet on Twitter or on my Dailymile account

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 9.07.23 AM

I am just tired of the pain, I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how I would start to stretch more and take better care of myself after a run. I have been following through with this because I know it is best for my body and for my running.

Today I planned on doing a mid-distance run (6-7 miles) hopefully this works out! I guess I am just confused as to why I have no pain after a 20 miler and then killer pain after 11 miles?


Your Turn

What is your recovery like after a long run? 

Do you have any pain after a long run? 

Why do you think this is happening to my legs?

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