Treadmill Running

Good morning and happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was spent running 10 miles on treadmill, drinking some much needed wine, eating some good for my body food, watching basketball and working!

We had been getting snow warnings all weekend about how we were going to get 10 inches of snow! Ugg. Well we got about 8 inches, on March 24, 2013, 3 days into Spring. Double ugg.

Today however will be spent grocery shopping, running an easy run, and cleaning.


So over the past few months I have been really utilizing the treadmill. When I was training for the marathon I never once ran on the treadmill. No matter the weather I was outside enduring the elements. After the marathon, I was signed up to run a 1/2 in May and I became very lazy with running outside. I took total advantage of the treadmill in our apartments gym complex and never looked back!

I would complain about the boringness of the treadmill, but secretly I loved it because it meant not having to go outside.

I use to run quite a bit on the treadmill in the past, I actually trained for my first 1/2 on a treadmill.

With my past training and my current training I thought I would share some tips that I find helpful when running on a treadmill.

1. I always make sure to have some type of distraction going on in the background. The television or the radio are great to  just zone out to. I usually watch tv, but typically a show that does not require much thinking. My favorite channel, and it might sound weird  but I love the Food Network. I can watch them cook and just zone out without even thinking about it.


2. Even if my day requires a slow run I still like to play with the speed. For example today I am running a slow 5 miles. So I will start at about 6.4 go up to 6.5 around .50 of a mile and just keep playing in this range of speed 6.6-6.3, this might sound weird but I feel it makes the time go by faster.

3. I try to find workouts that I can do on the treadmill as well. I really like finding some of those source from here and here. I typically print off the workout and sit it on the treadmill, crossing off each level as I go.

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 8.54.31 AM

4. Okay so this might sound weird, but I think it really works. So let’s say I am going 4 miles. Each mile contains 4, 400’s or 4, .25 of a mile. So I typically take 4 miles X 4= 16, 400’s. So every .25 I countdown. Does that make sense? Does anyone else do anything weird like that? I think it just gives me something to do! Playing games on the treadmill is crucial

So those are my tips! I feel like I had a lot more and when I sat down this morning I just went blank!

Your Turn

What are some of your tips for running on the treadmill? 

What is your workout today? 

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