Running Motivation

Good Morning!

Workout: Thursday

Run 5 miles– tried to make it a progressive but the legs were just really tired. 

Walk 30 minutes 

Lunges, Squats


Do you guys ever have a week were you make it to the gym every day spend 60-90 minutes working out, but at the end of the day you feel like you were there for 5 hours? That is how I have been feeling all week! I have been going to the gym, doing my workout, but nighttime hits and I feel as if I worked out all day and my body can hardly move!

I’m not really sure what is going on. My runs this week have been really weak. I have been mentally great, even though I have been running on the t-mill. It has been my legs and arms that have felt so weak, like I was hit by a bus! I’m not really sure what is going on, but I am just looking forward to Saturday’s rest day.

Even though I have been weak feeling, but strong mentally I still love going to Pinterest to find motivational running pins! Also make sure to check out my new running gear page! I have added some of my favorite things to use before, during and after your run!







This weekend is going to be crazy once again. I work all weekend! Saturday after work I’m driving about 30 minutes after work to see my younger sister perform for show choir. This is the last time I will see her for about 2 weeks, because she is off to France!!! I’m so jealous of her! She is in an exchange program at school, I know she is going to have a blast!



Your Turn

Have you ever been out of the county? 

Just to Canada

What is your favorite thing to pin on Pinterst? 

Workouts, Food, Disney 

What makes you motivated?

2 thoughts on “Running Motivation

  1. We went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon and it was the first time I left the country (outside of Canada).
    Pinterest: motivational quotes, fitness related pins, and I get ALL my recipes from there (unless I just make them up).

    I am also a teacher so a lot of my boards are teaching related.

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