Full Body Workout


So one of my goals for the blog would be to start posting twice a day. I know this can be a lot especially with work, but I truly enjoy writing.

Workout: 4 miles total but it was a speed, the breakdown…

400 @6.3

800 @6.7— but every mile I went up .1, and then the last 800 I went up .1 mph every .05 distance, ending at 8.0 mph

400 @4.0

I really felt great the whole time and loved this speed workout. I feel my legs were loose and ready for some speed!

1.14 walking cool-down

And then I did this really great workout for all over body! I did this 4 times, but don’t feel like you need to do it 4! Once or 12 times would be just as great!


I already started to feel the workout after my shower and lunch! I would for sure recommend this even if you have a few minutes, doing it 4 times took me about 15 minutes.


Your turn! 

What is your favorite workout? 

What is your favorite type of running? Long? Short? Easy? Hills? Speed?

I would have to stay long and speed! 

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