Day 2 of the Running Store!

Good Evening!

I realize this is probably the latest I have ever posted, but I didn’t want to go two days without telling you all about my first day of work!

As you know I just got hired at a running store! One who is as passionate about running as I am, was jumping for joy when I was hired!!

So, yesterday was my first day, wow! I will need to learn so much, shoes, clothes, food, nick nacks, everything! Yesterday was just a general overview, I learned how to work the cash register, interact with customers and the like.

The biggest chunk of the job will be learning the shoes. I have to learn how to fit people into the right shoes, yeah, HUGE responsibility! I know how I like my shoes to fit, and if they are not perfect, I get very upset! So now that I have that on my shoulders, I’m kinda freaking out!

However today we started learning about the shoes specifics and every little detail about the shoes. We just did 4 shoes today in the Adidas line. 4 shoes in 6 hours. Yeah. The coolest part was getting to try them all. “Um, sure I will try them on and walk around!”

These were my favorite shoes, the Adidas Boston 3!

These were my favorite shoes, the Adidas Boston 3!


Today was a long day in general. And I’m excited to grab my cup of tea and watch Bones and Castle tonight! I promise to have either a new recipe tomorrow or a really cool workout!

Your Turn

Ever had a job that you had to learn a bunch of stuff for?

What are your favorite T.V shows?

Castle, Bones, The Middle, Modern Family , NCIS, and Grey’s Anatomy

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