A New Type of Weekend

Good Morning!

How was your weekend?

Mine as been great! On Friday B and I just hung out, watched a lot of House Hunters and ate some good food! 

Saturday was a lot of fun! I did a “long run,” at this moment in my training a long run is still single digits because I just started training again for a 1/2. So my goal for the 6 miles was in at least 55:00. I have been having some foot issues so I was kinda worried going out and just wanted to go slowly and just get the 6 miles. I ended running it in 54:30 (9:15), so I was pretty happy with that!

IMG_0674After the run B and I went and explored Dayton a little more! We went to the Oregon District. Bust. They make it sound amazing online so we wanted to check it out and it was a total bust! So we just decided to explore downtown, and some how ended up at the Dayton Art Institute. It was awesome, we had so much fun looking at the art and talking about different pieces. We are typically not that into art so it sparked something new that I think we both enjoyed our time!


After the art institute, we decided to go and print off some of our wedding pictures and put them in frames! This was so much fun! We got a few 8×10 and 5×7 and still working on our album.

IMG_1139  To cap the night off we watched Schindler’s List, not a great way to end the night, but it was commercial free, I have never seen it, and I feel you have to at least watch it once.

Today I start my job!!!! I can’t wait to report back what happend!

Have a great weekend!

Your Turn

How was your weekend? 

What movie is a movie you have to see at least once?

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