Travel Leg Workout

Good Morning!

Yesterday morning I had a great  workout! I love workouts when you are sweating so hard and the sweat is just dripping into your eyes!

3 mile run in 27 minutes

2 mile elliptical in 20 minutes


I love these workouts like I said, intense cardio, just pushing it until it hurts and then some great leg work. I am for sure going to feel this in the morning!

This is a typical Friday workout. I love cardio but I know I need to do weights, so every other day I try to do some type of cardio/weights.

The leg workout is also a great workout for traveling, although I have the 15 lb weight you are able to do these with or with out the weights. Or if you are really creative maybe use your suitcase or something at the hotel for some weight renitence!

Have a great day!

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