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So yesterday I had talked a little bit about the fact how I don’t really handle change well. Okay, that was the understatement of the year! And I promised that I would talk more about these recent changes.

So here it goes…

The month of December was intense. I was graduating college, training for my first marathon, oh and planning a wedding! Yes all of this seems very stressful, but really I was having a blast. It was all things I loved, school, running and Bruce.


I guess it never occurred to me at the time how all of this excitement would result in a change! Of course I knew things would end, but I was not looking at it like it was change.

So the first step to realizing this change was graduation. Even the day of graduation it still never sunk in. I loved school. I was good at school. It was my thing. So it never occurred to me how much graduation would really mean to me.


And then it hit me. Bruce and I were on our honeymoon and I received a text message from one of my friends who was starting classes that day. All of a sudden it felt weird to not be in a chair, typing and listening to a professor.

When we got home from the honeymoon it was even worse because now Bruce was in school and I was just home by myself.

So how did I make this a positive change? Well at first I  cried, per usual 🙂  and then I sucked it up. I realized that by not having school I have more time for things I love to do, and I have to grow up and face the fact that I need to get a job!

This was a very hard change for me but I learned to get through it, and maybe school is not something that everyone loves, but after graduation you realize that 16+ years of your life was doing the same thing over and over and all of a sudden its done.


I still have a need to go back to school and I’m studying for the GRE right now, I’m not sure what I want to do with my life, but that is okay! I’m making a positive change!

I realize this post is 1. Long 2. Deep. So instead of jumping into another recent change I will end it here and be back later for some great ideas for healthy food, to continue making that positive change! 

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